A Wave of Clouds

Well, it’s late – 11:21pm at the writing of this sentence to be exact.  Regular readers of my blog will know what that means: I forgot about my update today.  So, as usual, I have for you, patient and loyal fanbase, an image I’d like to share with you.  I took this picture through the water-spotted window of the airplane I took back home from Salt Lake City.  It’s a phone camera’s picture, so this obviously looks much less impressive than when I saw it in person.  What you’re looking at here is a (insert scientific name here) cloud.  I don’t know clouds, but what this looks like, to me, is a sea of clouds that was rolling in a storm, kicking up a huge tsunami-sized wave that’s threatening to crash down upon the unsuspecting citizenry below.  Really, take a second to look at the size of the houses on the ground compared to the wild curl of massive clouds hovering above them.  I was impressed, but then again, I didn’t pay that much attention in Earth Science in college.


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