The Secret World

I was going to do some more writing prompt stuff today, but my friend ruined that by sending me a link to a website for this really cool MMO.  In fact, here’s a trailer for the game.  Let me know when you’re done watching.

Finished?  Whatever.  If you didn’t watch that video or just have enough free time to read some of my rambling, then I’ll give you the run down.

The Secret World is an MMO that takes place in a world where every urban legend and myth is a reality and that secret reality is controlled by three factions, the Illuminati, Dragon, and the Templars.  You get to join one of these three factions and do your duty towards your team and the world.  Fight with or against other factions, take control of legendary artifacts and locations – you name it.

What’s best is the customization!  You can use swords, guns, magic – anything you want.  The same goes for what you wear.  No, I have no idea how the clothes and weapons affect your character’s stats or skills, but that’s mainly because I don’t know how those work either.  Apparently, there is no level or class system in this game.  I guess that means you can do… anything!  And that, my friends, is way past cool.

Anyway, here’s a cool screenshot of the game.  Click it to go directly to the game’s website.

the secret world screenshot

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