My Senior Seminar Exhibition

Today’s the day!  Today, I get to stand in a board room for the better part of six hours, showing off and explaining my Senior Seminar project to anyone unfortunate enough to walk by me – it’s like an old school science fair, minus the baking soda volcanoes.

That being said, I’m pretty busy trying to prepare for it (I have to be there in a few hours), so I don’t have a lot of time to spare for my blog.  What I will do, however, is leave for you my (20″ x 32″) poster which will be my exhibition advertisement for my project.

Two things: first, yes the Orc is from World of Warcraft (and it is supposed to be upside down) and two, that guy is from some picture I stole from DeviantArt.  I don’t claim to take any credit for those two pictures, but it’s all under the doctrine of fair use since I’m using them for a scholastic purpose.  And since this isn’t a commercial website, (and it’s also on the internet, home of people taking credit for things they didn’t do), I don’t see any issue with slapping it on here for my day’s content.

Here ya go!

Level Up Poster

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