A Legit Award

Let me just say, wow, so much Sonic the Hedgehog stuff!  I’m glad I did it, but shit… I’m staying off that subject for a long time.  Next!

Over the weekend, I was at the Illinois College Press Association awards ceremony.  The Xavierite submitted quite a bit of stuff to be judged, so I, and the staff, were all pretty excited to see if we would win anything.  I was already in an okay mood from being confronted by a hobo while getting on the Orange Line who told me I “reminded him of John Lennon” and “God bless you young people,” so I had a bounce in my step.

That is, until I got there.  There were a lot of seminars and one of them was about photojournalism.  “I like photography!” I thought happily, as I stepped into the room.  Apparently, there was a contest the day before to see who could take the best newsworthy photo based on the subject “Invisible Chicago.”  Listening to two beard-clad men discuss what worked and what didn’t about a lot of college kids’ pictures of homeless people was really boring.  I’ll save you some time and tell you that the winning photograph was a picture of a teenage hispanic couple making out on a train.  Whatever picture you have in your mind probably looks like a scene from a movie, something romantic and heartfelt.  And you know what, maybe those two really were happy and passionate, but the picture was flat.  Long story short, even the winning photograph bored the hell out of me.

But that’s just how I wasted my time before the award ceremony began.  The award ceremony itself was kind of shoddy.  There was no projector, and the microphone and speakers were giving out.  So, you really needed to be paying attention if you wanted to hear whether or not you won.  Oh, unless you were submitting stuff for the opinion pages section, because the judge apparently fell off the face of the earth and never judged a single thing.   Either way, there were only a few major schools that really needed to pay attention to each and every category.

On a related note, this is to all the Columbia College newspaper staff:

You really swept the place, friends!  My goodness, I can’t believe how many awards you walked away with.  I just can’t believe how perfectly humble each of you were.  And I most certainly did not see anybody, especially not, hypothetically speaking, a platinum and pink haired girl grimace each and every time you all did not win first place in a category.  And gosh, I think it’s swell that you guys won for best sports reporting, even though you don’t even have a sports team to speak of.  That’s just wonderful.  And I’m really jealous of you hipsters and your ability to stand outside after the ceremony and look cool while smoking nonchalantly.  You guys are awesome.


Image Source

But The Xavierite did not walk away empty handed.  We won second place for best non-sports column, honorable mention for best news reporting, honorable mention for critical film review, and (drum roll) first place for features page design!  Guess who won that?  Yeah, it was me, but it was also my co-worker here, Becki.  But I got a plaque with my name on it!

ICPA Features Page Design First Place

So, I now have a first place award under my belt.  I’m cool with that, in fact I’m way past cool with that (sorry, I promise, that was the last Sonic related comment).

Future employers, gaze upon my works!

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