Take a Seat

I’m going to go right ahead and tell you that this isn’t really an exciting post. I mean, it is for me. It’s about a chair. I don’t expect many of you to be entertained by that. In fact, if you are entertained by a post about a chair… well, I don’t know. I guess you really need a new hobby or something.

So, this right here is the chair in question.

Leather Office Chair

Big deal, right? It’s just a leather office chair in a Caribbean blue room. Well thanks for noticing, but it’s actually closer to a Mediterranean blue; it really brightens the room, you know?

Anyway, the chair I used to have was like wire hangers with a flat cushion wrapped in mosquito netting. The wheels were more decorative than functional. Also, it didn’t have armrests. Comparatively, this chair is a god among butt holders. I don’t know what kind of person would worship that god but… wait… oh, no, on second thought, I do know the kind of person that would do that. Let’s all just pretend like that didn’t happen.

I guess the biggest downside to this chair is that it pretty much takes up a solid 15 percent of all navigable space in my room. But god damn is it comfortable!

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