What’s Going On?

As of 11-4-14

Well, it’s been just over a month and I’m happy to announce that I’ve been keeping up with my update schedule pretty faithfully.  I now have a good number of posts for you to browse through, if you’d like.  No new gallery images or creative writing, but I’ll be sure to get something new in those sections soon enough.

It’s already the fourth day of November, so I’m a bit behind, but I plan on doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) this year.  Maybe I’ll share a bit of what I come up with in my Creative Writing section throughout the month.  We’ll see.  It’s usually just a very long rough draft.  Not very pretty.

What is This Place?

This, ladies and gents, is my online base of operations. My little hole in the wall on the internet that I’m using to showcase everything about… well… me! Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello, I’m Kane: I’ve been writing since my first angst-ridden poem of junior high (the writing’s gotten better since then, I promise); I can and will argue that video games are an art form if you let me; and I love the sound of footsteps. Yeah, there’s more to me than that, but do you really want to know more? Of course you do! Click here!

Whether you searched for me specifically, were dragged here by a link, or just found this site by accident, I’m glad you’re here.  There’s a lot to see, so please stick around for a while and see what I’m all about.

Nostalgic For The Old Blog?

Click that link with caution. If you’re really hankering for some philosophical queries about the Pokemon franchise, craving some ramblings about my various interests, or just want read some outdated movie reviews, then feel free to check out the old blog. But beware, there are dead links everywhere, so it’s going to be annoying to navigate around the site.