You’ve found my online base of operations. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Kane McKeown and, from here, you can discover what I’m all about.

Let’s start with my passions. I love to write; occasionally, I upload some of my creative writing to this website’s blogroll. There are a few galleries of mine you can browse here as well: one for my photography and another for my design work. I also write a blog titled Drive Work Drive, a side project about the cyclical momentum of everyday life.

Maybe you’re curious to see a little more about my personal life – via social media, perhaps? I’m active on plenty of sites – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram – so feel free to follow me and send a friend request while you’re at it.

Or are you here for a more professional examination of me? That’s fine, I’m ready for the inspection. My LinkedIn account is up to date or, if you’d rather just get to the heart of it, you can take a look at, and download, my resume.

Whatever it is you’re here for, I’m glad you came. So, stick around for a little while. And if you want to know anything else about me, there’s always the About page.

Two Blogrolls to Choose From
Two Galleries to Choose From
Photo Design

What’s Going On?

As of 8-26-14

As it stands, I am juggling two websites.  The one you’re on currently is my base of operations, so to speak.  I planned on this site remaining mostly static, the only major updates being additions to my gallery and writing blogroll.  The other site is a pet project I was toying with for quite some time, a blog, to be succinct.  But I’m having difficulty rationalizing that choice; running two separate blogs seems like I’m needlessly dividing my potential audience.

I may end up combining the two sites, or rather, just keeping a separate blogroll on this website.  Either way, I’m messing with some design aspects in case I choose to merge the two, so you’ll most likely see some test posts showing up in various blogrolls and new pages without much content.  Some lorem ipsum will be present, as well.  Again, I plan on having everything ready to go sometime in September.