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What’s Going On?

As of 4-19-15

Have you ever played Dark Souls II?  That game is absolutely insane.  I mean, who even has time to blog when you’re worried about becoming Hollow and you can never actually pause the game and every single enemy can kill you in three hits no matter what your level and… what?  You say the console version was only released about two weeks ago and I haven’t updated this blog since February?  Wow!  You certainly like to call me out, don’t you, hypothetical reader?

Fine!  I’ll admit it.  I’ve let this place gather a little bit of dust.  But I had some important and varied things going on in my life, really!  My social circle is rubber banding around like the 8th place computer player in Mario Kart 8, job opportunities have been popping up left and right (resulting in a promotion at my current job), my savings account can finally fund a much-needed solo vacation, and… yes, I’ve been playing Dark Souls II.

But I’m updating the blog now and that means I’m about to lay out a sweet dossier for you.  In this order…

  1. I’ll be removing the design gallery section of this site until I can cobble together enough professional-quality work that I can feel good about displaying.
  2. As a small step towards consistency, I will add at least one photograph to my photo gallery each calendar week.  I will also change the gallery settings so that the images aren’t loaded randomly.
  3. I would like for this to become an actual blog again.  I think, given the URL, that making this a personal blog is appropriate.  I can’t promise a schedule right now, but I will start making “normal” blog posts soon.
  4. Given #3, I may revert the homepage to a blogroll or edit the navigation bar.

I think that’s a good start.  Let’s reconvene in a week or so and see how I’ve done.  Sound good, hypothetical reader?

What is This Place?

This, ladies and gents, is my online base of operations. My little hole in the wall on the internet that I’m using to showcase everything about… well… me! Allow me to introduce myself.

Hello, I’m Kane: I’ve been writing since my first angst-ridden poem of junior high (the writing’s gotten better since then, I promise); I can and will argue that video games are an art form if you let me; and I love the sound of footsteps. Yeah, there’s more to me than that, but do you really want to know more? Of course you do! Click here!

Whether you searched for me specifically, were dragged here by a link, or just found this site by accident, I’m glad you’re here.  There’s a lot to see, so please stick around for a while and see what I’m all about.